Friday, 18 September 2015

Best Twitter Wars of Indian Companies

A 140 character Tweet is bringing up the relations between competitors of Indian corporate world giants.

Add on is these leg pulling schemes are bringing smile and getting more followers to the companies twitter accounts.

Some of the famous twitter wars between Indian Firms/Startups are here..


Who pulled first?

Then UBER Attacked the duo

This probed OLA and here is the reply.


Who pulled first?

They are not enemies. But they love pulling each others legs.
Zomato kept on changing its logo for 6 months, this made Amazon to troll them with this tweet.

Zomato took this sportively and trolled back using amazons logo..
Next day Amazon was ready with its reply.

The third man, EBAY took his charge immediately.

Amazon India VS Flipkart

Who pulled first?

Reddit saw Amazon delivery box in Flipkart and they thought of letting it know to world.There it started.

Flipkart's Reply was quite Sarcastic or not as per market standard .Reddit decided to take it further.

Amazon replied with its funny tone shutting the mouth of Flipkart.

OYO VS StayZilla

Who pulled first?

OYO compared themselves on Google ad space with Stayzilla for search result of Stayzilla.
This made stayzilla quite uncomfortable.
Here are the tweets. 2015-03-24 16-32-42
PC:MOM 2015-03-24 16-33-09
PC:MOM 2015-03-24 22-17-09
PC:MOM 2015-03-24 16-34-19

Finally OYO was there to ask sorry and they did. 2015-03-24 22-18-44

Stayzilla did not forget to troll them back. 2015-03-24 22-18-58

Flipkart VS Snapdeal

Its started by Bansal (Flipkart) on the news that Alibaba is about to enter Indian market. The tong was for Snapdeal.

The reply from Kunal(Snapdeal) was simply master stroke .